The Micro BGP Suite has a new utility: peerindex

I am happy to announce that µbgpsuite has a new tool in its arsenal, peerindex.

peerindex is a simple PEER INDEX TABLE inspection tool documented in its own gorgeous man page.

When implementing bgpgrep, I removed any functionality not strictly related to BGP filtering dump, this included the PEER INDEX TABLE inspection feature previously provided by bgpscanner, that is:

$ bgpscanner -f

This command used to display every PEER INDEX TABLE entry referenced by at least one RIB entry. It was a useful tool to quickly recognize which peers populated a RIB dump.

µbgpsuite will get a dedicated tool for this task, the main topic of this article: peerindex.

In addition to showing only the referenced peers inside PEER INDEX TABLE, it can also dump the full table as is.

Hint – as always, you can get a convenient PDF version of the manual page, like this:

$ sed s/@UTILITY@/peerindex/g tools/peerindex/ | groffer

Don’t you love man pages? ☺

Enjoy, and happy hacking,

Lorenzo Cogotti