The DoubleFourteen Code Forge is an effort to promote synergy between developers and researchers, in order to promote good development practices, improve the software landscape and share common views and ethics. With hope to form a collaborative community made of competent individuals, practitioners, and researchers, working together and benefitting from each other’s skills and inputs.

Raison d’être

Computer science and software development has evolved dramatically the last decades, consistently posing new challenges. Overcoming such challenges opened new possibilities that had an enormous impact over our everyday lives. Still, computer science is seen by most users as some sort of black magic, that is better avoided than understood.

On the other side of the field, despite the abundance interesting topics, institutes and commercial investments, oftentimes, research is heavily conditioned by external factors – such as commercial interest, nation-wide infrastructures, bureaucracy, budget choices, academic interest, knowledge availability. Similar constraints apply to development time – often seen as expensive by commercial entities and unnecessary by research institutes, to the point of settling for quick prototypes that slowly but surely become the definitive implementation.

As a matter of fact, computer science exhibits an uncanny dichotomy between theory and actual practice, whereas theory is often forgotten or ridiculed by practitioners and practical implementation is seen as a pesky and forgettable detail by researchers.

The DoubleFourteen Code Forge is an attempt to provide an international and diverse community, to hoist and support any individual or group in their own research or development interest, providing an ecosystem where such limitations are absent or minimal. We strive to enact an alternative setup where researchers and developers may directly communicate with each other and understand the value of taking into proper consideration every aspect and every challenge in computer science, creating premises for new innovative techniques. Where the only constraints are imposed by skill, motivation, imagination and perseverance in reaching our goals and improving ourselves.

Our community sole focus is raising the quality of the software world and raise awareness on computer science, by spreading the results of our work. Everyone is welcome to submit projects, take on research on their topic of interest, or offer support. Everyone is encouraged to contribute and share knowledge, as the more knowledge we share, the more contributions we can offer.

Fundamental principles

The DoubleFourteen Code Forge is intended to be equally useful for scientists and the collectivity as a whole. We should never forget that the knowledge we produce and the code we write should be oriented to improving our lives, our society and raise scientific awareness to the general public. The following list summarizes the basic principles that everyone in the community is asked to agree on, in order to ensure our objectives and a productive environment.