The DoubleFourteen Code Forge creates meaningful games and software to promote synergy between developers, researchers, and businesses.

We develop safe, efficient, high-quality solutions using the latest research and our fantastic community.

Raison d’être


The DoubleFourteen Code Forge constructs the ecosystem where researchers, developers, and enthusiasts work together. We strive to create value beyond the digital world as we develop more accessible technologies and ensure the transparency of our projects through direct communication. So, DoubleFourteen aims to improve everyday life, carry social value and raise awareness of computer science and new technologies.


We consider code to be an art form, and we put its beauty to a good cause. DoubleFourteen promotes ethical software that respects users’ or developers’ rights and privacy.


The DoubleFourteen Code Forge believes computer science should be a harmony between theory and practice. But unfortunately, the theoretical part is often underlooked by practitioners, while practical usage is a minor detail for researchers. In contrast, we think knowledge exchange is the key to innovation and creativity. DoubleFourteen is the union of research, practice, and fun.

We always welcome new members, projects, and research ideas!

Fundamental principles

Community rules