Kronos Production Analyser

Kronos is an automatic production process analysis system based on publications and works by Professor Mario Morroni (bio in Italian) and Professor Vittorio Moriggia (bio in Italian). It splits a single production process into multiple phases, summarizing each phase’s monetary and time expenses, underlying costs, revenues and workforce involved.

It helps optimize business processes.

Micro BGP Suite

Micro BGP Suite is a suite of libraries and utilities. It enables efficient processing of BGP data encoded in the most widely available formats, and allows interesting network traffic analysis at the routing level.

It makes the Internet better.

Video games

Our great mystery.

It is fun to make.

Hack in progress…

Consultancy and education courses

The DoubleFourteen Code Forge promotes knowledge sharing. So, we offer one-on-one sessions and education courses on software development, digitalization, and online marketing.

It helps our minds.

Code review

The DoubleFourteen Code Forge aims to improve software. So, we offer a code-review service to advise on the best code practices to build scalable, reliable and maintainable software.

It helps everyone.