Lorenzo Cogotti — founder of The DoubleFourteen Code Forge, software architect, game developer. He promotes free-software, open-source, practice-based research, and common wisdom:

“Any life worth living has enough time to play video games.”

Katerina Zykova — communication manager, master in innovation and puzzle fun. Stand for equality, personal approach, and memes.

Andrea Pasquini — a game developer skilled in various languages from JavaScript to C++. He likes developing software for fun. Entering the video game development world inspired by retro games and his beloved Monkey Island I and II.

Plus, Andrea’s in charge of sports in our team: surfing, hiking? He can do it all.

Sara Pintus — our fantastic concept artist with experience in video games and digital transformation. She firmly believes that art is “brain food” capable of making the world a better place.

To her, happiness is pizza and a good game.

Crescendo — composer, audio designer and average bard, all included: making music, granting buffs, and cracking bad jokes, possibly all at once. Card games enthusiast and robots enjoyer, will play anything with a good story and lots of talking… and if no one’s talking, they’d better be singing.